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How We Work.

Today, shipping hazardous waste is more complicated than ever. Through dedicated knowledge of international regulations and commitment to complete transparency, RTS has built a strong network of partners that allows us to ship almost anything, anywhere on the planet.

  • A to Z handling and shipping of hazardous waste
  • 20+ years of experience in the industry
  • All international waste shipping treaties
  • EPA partner
  • Trusted by the world’s largest exporters of Hazardous Waste

Metals we buy

At Recognized, we handle nearly any type of non-ferrous metal bearing hazardous waste for recycling. In addition to shipping, we also consult and advise on packaging, shipping times, best practices and regulations.

We handle all Subtitle C hazardous wastes such as catalyst, fines, slags, residues, sludges, and ashes.

Metals we buy:

Non-ferrous spent catalyst

• Molybdenum
• Tungsten
• Nebula
• Copper
• Zinc
• Nickel
• Vanadium

The Safest and Fastest Shipping of Hazardous Waste at the Best Price.

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Recognized Trading & Shipping is a world leader in the transport of hazardous wastes around the world. Through deep connections built over time and a deep expertise of logistics and best practices, we provide a complete solution for the movement of hazardous waste across international boundaries.