Spent Catalyst Recycling Process

Since its introduction in the early 1980s, the catalytic converter has been the mainstay of environmental protection. This is especially the case in the automotive industry and is due to the catalytic converter’s ability to effectively and reliably reduce harmful exhaust emissions. The legal framework has thus made the catalytic converter mandatory for all new vehicles. At its heart, the monolith contains small amounts of substances. Those can be recovered when the catalyst is no longer in use, such as:

  • Platinum
  • Rhodium
  • Palladium

For many years, Recognized Trading & Shipping has been at the forefront of the collection and recycling of these metals. The quantities of precious metals can vary from one item to another. This is why our company has developed analytical methods for evaluating these metals. We have been investing in modern laboratories and state-of-the-art sampling equipment. Our methods are fully approved by industry authorities. We can offer a full range of services. Those include all models of catalytic converters and diesel particulate filters, both new and old ones. All are being approached in the following steps:

  1. Analysis
  2. Cutting
  3. Refining

Recycling of a catalyst is absolutely essential. Recycling prevents pollution of the environment by the metals contained in catalytic converters. The catalyst to be recycled comes from used vehicles or from the oil refining industry.

Our recycling company offers to buy back a catalyst for recycling. During recycling, the various metals contained in the catalyst is separated, and then these metals are treated to remove the polluting components. Depending on the type of metal, the recycled parts of the catalyst can be:

  • Resold
  • Reused
  • Passed on to professionals

Recycling the catalyst allows large quantities of precious and non-precious metals to be recovered. This technology allows us to save a lot of energy.

In this industry, there is no more critical step than sampling. It enables us to accurately determine the residual amount of the three precious metals in a batch of spent catalyst. This need for precision and transparency is crucial. The competitiveness, efficiency, and reputation of the company are all at stake. Our company ensures accurate, measured, and fully documented sampling services.

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Let's Protect the Environment Together

A catalytic converter consists of a chamber. This chamber is mostly made of:

  • Stainless steel
  • Honeycomb structure
  • Ceramic material 

Crystals mixed with precious metals cover the ducts. They catalyze the gases and neutralize toxic elements. At the time of the widespread use of catalytic converters, it is estimated that each model contained:

  • Between three and seven grams of platinum
  • About one gram of rhodium

All these metals are rare and thus valuable. This means you can trade your old catalyst for a significant amount of money.

On the environmental level, catalytic converters are designed to reduce CO2 emissions. The metals present in the catalyst is precious because they are rare. Today, the world is increasingly aware that natural resources are finite.

This is why recycling of all catalytic converters has become a necessity. It enables the industry to plan for a prosperous and sustainable future. The recovery of these metals is fundamental to the continuation of automotive production. It is also essential to the protection of the environment.

Recognized Trading & Shipping has the know-how, technology, logistical resources, and expertise. They ensure the best possible return of our services, whether financial or ecological. Our very high recycling rates are unrivaled and we are proud to be able to contribute to saving the planet.

Spent Catalysts Refining

Catalyst refining is the recovery of materials from spent catalysts. The goal is to purify the platinum group metals that are found in catalysts. Waste generators and collectors who wish to manage their own refining of a spent catalyst can use our facilities or our partner facilities. You can benefit from our competitive commercial conditions thanks to our volume of processing.

As one of the leading players in catalyst recycling worldwide, we are fully equipped. We can easily handle the processing and sampling of your spent catalysts. Recycling and recovery of spent catalysts start with a debottlenecking process. It consists of extracting the ceramic by cutting out the casing of the catalyst. This operation is carried out by hydraulic shearing. Other environmental processes include a plasma cutter for a large catalyst and a diesel particulate filter.

New Modern Tools for Precise Analysis

Recognized Trading & Shipping can accurately determine the exact precious metal content in each catalyst batch. We know the appropriate recycling process to ensure that everything that can be recovered is extracted and processed. It is thanks to our cutting edge laboratory. We are equipped with the latest spectrometry equipment. This also ensures that our customer always gets the best prices and solutions for recovery.

Once we receive your spent catalyst, it is subjected to cutting and processing. The goods are then taken to a foundry to completely isolate the metals. If you are already refining your own catalyst, let us analyze your products. We will make sure that you get the best deal available. We know we can make a difference in how much you make.

The Recovery Processes

We buy end-of-life US catalytic converters from:

  • ELV centers
  • Shredders
  • Breakers
  • Car garages

Our working services have already proved their worth to many customers. We stand out from current methods, products, and price lists of catalytic converters.

Precious metal values are updated daily via the internet and the 3G/4G cellular network. They are indexed on the London Stock Exchange, with fixing at 11 am and 3 pm GMT. This ensures that you are always paid the right price!

We use specific professional software and this lists all the catalytic converters currently on the market. They are identified by their serial number. The software defines the catalytic convert’s value by the precious metals they contain. This innovative method is totally transparent. We are able to provide the complete list of catalytic converter values.

During our sorting process, which we carry out directly on our customers' premises. We also usually train the staff in place to help them differentiate between a metallic and ceramic catalyst. This also enables them to identify an aftermarket catalytic converter.

Why Should You Choose Recognized Trading & Shipping?

Recognized Trading & Shipping is one of the world leaders in the buy-back and recycling of catalytic converters in the US. We offer recycling services for all types of catalytic converters:

  • Ceramic catalytic converters
  • Diesel particulate filters
  • Metal catalytic converters

We have acquired a solid experience in the sector through our many years of experience. This has been done by listing and testing thousands of references. Our catalog allows you to easily identify your used catalytic converters. You can also find out their market value. In this way, you can optimize your trade with your supplier to guarantee a fair return.

In addition, prices are regularly updated to express the value of your catalyst as accurately as possible in real-time. We are world-renowned for our precision, seriousness, and commitment. We aim to provide great service to each and everyone of our customers.

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Energy companies have become more sensitive to the environment and the ever stricter anti-pollution laws in force. Catalyst recycling is the core business of our company, which has been present on the market for over twenty years. Our technology, the commitment of our employees and the performance in the research and development sector guarantee the respect of both ecology and ethics.

Recognized Trading & Shipping is more than a catalyst recycler. You can rely on our competence, especially in the field of precious metal trading. We provide services and information covering all precious metals of the PGM group. We are professional, fast, and reliable. Do you want to sell your rhodium by forwarding the contract? Do you need palladium in 7 days? Does your production need fast delivery of platinum? We can help with any of these! We will also find optimal solutions for these special tasks. Recognized Trading & Shipping is here to handle all precious metals and all situations.

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